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شماره قطعه ADNS-2620
شرح مفصل Optical Mouse Sensor
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ADNS-2620 شرح
Optical Mouse Sensor
Data Sheet
The ADNS-2620 is a new entry level, small form ­ factor
optical mouse sensor. It is used to implement a non-
mechanical tracking engine for computer mice. ­ Unlike
its predecessor, this new optical mouse sensor allows for
more compact and affordable optical mice designs.
It is based on optical navigation technology, which mea-
sures changes in position by optically acquiring sequential
surface images (frames) and mathematically determining
the direction and ­magnitude of movement.
The sensor is housed in an 8-pin staggered dual
inline package (DIP). It is designed for use with the
HDNS-2100 Lens, HLMP-ED80-xx000, and the
HDNS-2200 LED Clip, providing an optical mouse solu-
tion that is compact and affordable. There are no moving
parts, so precision optical alignment is not required,
thereby facilitating high volume assembly.
The output format is a two wire serial port. The ­current X
and Y information are available in ­registers accessed via
the serial port.
Resolution is 400 counts per inch (cpi) with rates of
motion up to 12 inches per second (ips).
Theory of Operation
The ADNS-2620 is based on Optical Navigation
­Technology. It contains an Image Acquisition System
(IAS), a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and a two wire
serial port.
The IAS acquires microscopic surface images via
the lens and illumination system provided by the
HDNS-2100, HDNS-2200, and HLMP-ED80-xx000. These
images are processed by the DSP to determine the direc-
tion and distance of motion.
Precise optical navigation technology
Small form factor
(10 mm x 12.5 mm footprint)
No mechanical moving parts
Complete 2D motion sensor
Common interface for general purpose controller
Smooth surface navigation
Programmable frame speed up to 3000 frames per
sec (fps)
Accurate motion up to 12 ips
400 cpi resolution
High reliability
High speed motion detector
Wave solderable
Single 5.0 volt power supply
Conforms to USB suspend mode specifications
Power conservation mode during times of no move-
Serial port registers
– Programming
– Data transfer
8-pin staggered dual inline package (DIP)
Mice for desktop PC’s, ­workstations, and portable PC’s
Integrated input devices

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