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شماره قطعه 7805ALP
شرح مفصل 16-Bit Latchup Protected ADC
تولید کننده Maxwell Technologies 
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7805ALP شرح
16-Bit Latchup Protected ADC
Logic Diagram
• 16-bit organization
• Latchup Protection Technology™
• RAD-PAK® radiation-hardened against natural space radia-
• Total dose hardness:
- > 50 krads(Si), depending upon space mission
• Latchup converted to reset.
- Rate based on cross section and mission.
• Package:
- 28 pin RAD-PAK® flat pack
- 28 pin RAD-PAK® DIP
• 100 kHz min sampling rate
• Standard ± 10V input range
• Advance CMOS technology
- 86 dB min SINAD with 20 kHz input
- Single 5V supply operation
- Utilizes internal or external reference
- Full parallel data output
- Power dissipation: 132 mW max
Maxwell Technologies’ 7805ALP high-speed analog-to-digital
converter features a greater than 50 krad (Si) total dose toler-
ance, depending upon space mission. Using Mawell’s radia-
tion-hardened RAD-PAK® packaging technology, the 7805ALP
incorporates the commercial ADS7805 from Burr Brown. This
device is latchup protected by Maxwell Technologies’ LPT™
technology. The 7805ALP, 16-bit sampling CMOS A/D . The
device contains a complete 16-bit capacitor-based SAR A/D
with S/H, reference, clock, interface for microprocessor use,
and three-state output drivers. The 7805ALP is specified at a
100 kHz sampling rate, and guaranteed over the full tempera-
ture range. Laser-trimmed scaling resistors provide an indus-
try-standard ± 10V input range, while the innovative design
allows operation from a single 5V supply, with power dissipa-
tion of under 132 mW.
Maxwell Technologies' patented RAD-PAK® packaging technol-
ogy incorporates radiation shielding in the microcircuit pack-
age. It eliminates the need for box shielding while providing
the required radiation shielding for a lifetime in orbit or space
mission. In a GEO orbit, RAD-PAK® provides greater than 50
krad (Si) radiation dose tolerance. This product is available
with screening up to Maxwell Technologies self-defiened
Class K.
01.10.05 Rev 9
(858) 503-3300 Fax: (858) 503-3301-
All data sheets are subject to change without notice 1
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All rights reserved.
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