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شماره قطعه KSZ8842-PMQL
شرح مفصل 2-Port Ethernet Switch
تولید کننده Micrel Semiconductor 
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KSZ8842-PMQL شرح
2-Port Ethernet Switch with PCI Interface
General Description
The KSZ8842-series of 2-port switches includes PCI and
non-PCI CPU interfaces. This datasheet describes the
KSZ8842-PMQL/PMBL PCI CPU interface chips.
KSZ8842-PMQL is PQFP package chip, KSZ8842-PMBL
is LFBGA package chip. For information on the
KSZ8842-MQL/MBL CPU non-PCI interface switches,
refer to the KSZ8842-MQL/MBL datasheet.
The KSZ8842-PMQL/PMBL is the industry’s first fully
managed 2-port switch with a 32 bit/33MHz PCI
processor interface. It is a proven, 4th generation,
integrated Layer 2 switch that is compliant with the IEEE
802.3u standard. An industrial temperature grade version
of the KSZ8842-PMQL/PMBL, also can be ordered the
The KSZ8842-PMQL/PMBL can be configured as a
switch or as a low-latency (<310 nanoseconds) repeater
in latency-critical, embedded or industrial Ethernet
applications. For industrial automation applications, the
KSZ8842-PMQL/PMBL can run in half-duplex mode
regardless of the application. The KSZ8842-PMQL/PMBL
offers an extensive feature set that includes tag/port-
based VLAN, quality of service (QoS) priority
management, management information base (MIB)
counters, and CPU control/data interfaces to effectively
address Fast Ethernet applications.
The KSZ8842-PMQL/PMBL contains two 10/100
transceivers with patented, mixed-signal, low-power
technology three media access control (MAC) units, a
direct memory access (DMA) channel, a high-speed,
non-blocking, switch fabric, a dedicated 1K entry
forwarding table, and an on-chip frame buffer memory.
Datasheets and support documentation can be found on
Micrel’s web site at:
Functional Diagram
Figure 1. KSZ8842-PMQL/PMBL Functional Diagram
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October 2007

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KSZ8842-PMQL 2-Port Ethernet Switch Micrel Semiconductor
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