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شماره قطعه FPD95320
شرح مفصل 320-Channel LTPS/CGS Driver
تولید کننده National Semiconductor 
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FPD95320 شرح
September 2007
320-Channel LTPS/CGS Driver with Partial Display Memory
and MPL-1 Interface
General Description
The FPD95320 is a 320–channel LTPS/CGS driver with Par-
tial Display Memory, a 18-bit RGB video interface and en-
hanced display quality. It provides 320 output source drivers
with a 1:3 glass multiplex ratio. It includes a 230,400-bit mem-
ory for partial display modes, a timing controller with glass
interface level-shifters, AC and DC VCOM drive schemes and
glass power supply circuits. The output format can be config-
ured to drive arbitrary display resolutions up to 320 RGB x
480. Advanced processing features enable up-scaling of in-
coming video to accommodate legacy graphics. There is also
an upscale function for the Partial Display window to enable
larger window sizes.
The on-chip Partial Display Memory is configurable in window
size, location and color depth. This memory can support par-
tial display windows such as 240x320 in 3-bit mode and
320x480 in 1-bit color mode. The partial display memory can
be used to self-refresh a region of the display in a reduced
power state or as an overlay for OSD and alpha-blending fea-
tures. The FPD95320 also includes independent RGB gam-
ma curve adjustments as well as user-definable color palettes
for 1-bit and 3-bit Partial Display modes.
A low-speed serial interface is provided to control display op-
erating modes and provide access to the Partial Display
Memory. This interface can support both 8-bit and 9-bit pro-
tocols. A standard command set is supported to set display
modes and operating parameters. Customized register pro-
files associated with each command are loaded from an on-
chip EEPROM. Registers can also be directly accessed by
using the Register Access Mode.
Power Savings
Self-refreshed Partial Display Mode
Provides timing signal for on-glass charge-sharing circuit
Standard Command Set
Registers initialized from on-chip EEPROM
Command-triggered profiles can change register settings
for modes/gamma settings
Eliminates frequent host SW changes to update register
8 user-defined display configurations
Programmable Settings
Display resolution and glass signal timing
Video interface timing auto-learning circuit
VID_XFR output reduces tearing in partial mode
Gamma curves and VCOM adjustment
Video 2x upscale with programmable border
Partial Display
Configurable Partial Mode Window size, location and color
Self-refreshed partial display mode supports 1-bit and 3-
bit depths
OSD function with Partial RAM data in video mode
Alpha blending, including transparent mode
Partial Window 2x upscale with border color
Low-Speed Serial Interface for commands, register
access and partial memory access
18-bit RGB Video interface
MPL1 high-speed serial interface
System Diagrams
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