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شماره قطعه GS8342D18E-250
شرح مفصل 36Mb SigmaQuad-II Burst
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GS8342D18E-250 شرح
165-Bump BGA
Commercial Temp
Industrial Temp
36Mb SigmaQuad-II
Burst of 4 SRAM
167 MHz–333 MHz
1.8 V VDD
1.8 V and 1.5 V I/O
• Simultaneous Read and Write SigmaQuad™ Interface
• JEDEC-standard pinout and package
• Dual Double Data Rate interface
• Byte Write controls sampled at data-in time
• Burst of 4 Read and Write
• 1.8 V +100/–100 mV core power supply
• 1.5 V or 1.8 V HSTL Interface
• Pipelined read operation
• Fully coherent read and write pipelines
• ZQ pin for programmable output drive strength
• IEEE 1149.1 JTAG-compliant Boundary Scan
• 165-bump, 15 mm x 17 mm, 1 mm bump pitch BGA package
• RoHS-compliant 165-bump BGA package available
• Pin-compatible with present 9Mb and 18Mb and future 72Mb
and 144Mb devices
SigmaQuadFamily Overview
The GS8342D08/09/18/36E are built in compliance with the
SigmaQuad-II SRAM pinout standard for Separate I/O
synchronous SRAMs. They are 37,748,736-bit (36Mb)
SRAMs. The GS8342D08/18/36E SigmaQuad SRAMs are
just one element in a family of low power, low voltage HSTL
I/O SRAMs designed to operate at the speeds needed to
implement economical high performance networking systems.
Clocking and Addressing Schemes
The GS8342D08/09/18/36E SigmaQuad-II SRAMs are
synchronous devices. They employ two input register clock
inputs, K and K. K and K are independent single-ended clock
inputs, not differential inputs to a single differential clock input
buffer. The device also allows the user to manipulate the
output register clock inputs quasi independently with the C and
Bottom View
165-Bump, 15 mm x 17 mm BGA
1 mm Bump Pitch, 11 x 15 Bump Array
C clock inputs. C and C are also independent single-ended
clock inputs, not differential inputs. If the C clocks are tied
high, the K clocks are routed internally to fire the output
registers instead.
Because Separate I/O SigmaQuad-II B4 RAMs always transfer
data in four packets, A0 and A1 are internally set to 0 for the
first read or write transfer, and automatically incremented by 1
for the next transfers. Because the LSBs are tied off internally,
the address field of a SigmaQuad-II B4 RAM is always two
address pins less than the advertised index depth (e.g., the 2M
x 18 has a 512K addressable index).
Parameter Synopsis
- 333
3.0 ns
0.45 ns
3.3 ns
0.45 ns
4.0 ns
0.45 ns
5.0 ns
0.45 ns
6.0 ns
0.50 ns
Rev: 1.02 8/2005
Specifications cited are subject to change without notice. For latest documentation see
© 2003, GSI Technology

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