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دیتاشیت - National Semiconductor - 528-Ch Small Format a-Si AMLCD Controller / Column Driver

شماره قطعه FPD94128
شرح مفصل 528-Ch Small Format a-Si AMLCD Controller / Column Driver
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FPD94128 شرح
May 2003
528-Ch Small Format a-Si AMLCD Controller / Column
Driver with Integrated Frame Buffer
General Description
The FPD94128 is a Controller/Column Driver for use in
low-power small format color TFT LCD displays. The
FPD94128 contains a frame buffer, display refresh controller,
programmable gamma reference, 528-channel column
driver, and a backlight intensity modulator. The FPD94128
and the companion FPD93140 (gate driver with power sup-
ply) form a complete 2-chip solution for driving TFT LCD
panels containing up to 176RGB x 240 pixels with versatile
mounting and scan options. 262,144 colors are supported in
18-bit color mode, and 12-bit, 9-bit, and 3-bit color modes
are provided for reduced power. Data may be loaded via
serial, 8/16-bit parallel, and video interfaces (18-bit NTSC
R’G’B’ or 8/16-bit BT.601 4:2:2 Y’CbCr).
The video frame rate and the refresh rate of the LCD panel
are independent. The LCD panel refresh rate and the polar-
ity inversion interval are programmable. The LCD panel
refresh rate may be up to 125 fps. Two partial-display re-
gions, reduced-color modes, and an automatic backlight
control are provided to minimize total system power con-
sumption. The FPD94128 requires no external components.
Parts are provided as gold bumped flip-chip devices. The
nominal range for VDD is [1.8V-3.3] V, and the nominal
range for the LCD drive voltage is [3.3-5.5] V.
n Video port accepts 18-bit video (NTSC R’G’B’) or
8/16-bit video (BT.601 Y’CbCr 4:2:2) at up to 150 QCIF
fps (4 Mpix/s).
n CPU port accepts packed graphics data (1.1.1, 3.3.2,
4.4.4, 5.6.5, 6.6.6 RGB) via SPI or parallel 8/16-bit
(80x/68x) interfaces
n Internal frame buffer supports up to 176RGB x 240
(18-bit pixels).
n Flexible mounting/scan options provide for symmetric
display layout
n Programmable for smaller display resolutions such as
176RGB x 220, 144RGB x 176, 132RGB x 176, etc.
n No external components.
n Quiescent power ~2.5mW in 18-bit mode
n Programmable color-depth allows selection of 3, 9, 12,
or 18-bit color modes to further reduce power.
n Power-saving automatic backlight intensity reduction
based on statistics of image data or by direct system
n Two-region partial display option for ultra-low power in
handset stand-by mode.
n Frame, line, or n-line inversion modes.
n Programmable gamma curve control allows easy
adjustment for optimum gray level placement and
minimum flicker.
n Programmable line rate supports up to 125Hz display
refresh rate.
n Separate addressing of two memory regions allows
simultaneous loading of both streaming video and
graphic/icon data
n Versatile auto-increment addressing modes allow
horizontal or vertical raster scanning.
n Factory-calibrated internal clock provides accurate
refresh control with no external components.
Ordering Information
Gate Driver (see Datasheet)
Column Driver
© 2003 National Semiconductor Corporation DS200729

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