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دیتاشیت - WJ Communication - Next Generation RFID Reader Module

شماره قطعه WJM3000
شرح مفصل Next Generation RFID Reader Module
تولید کننده WJ Communication 
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WJM3000 شرح
Next Generation RFID Reader Module
Based on WJC200 Gen2 RFID reader chipset
Key Features
x Multi-protocol support: ISO 18000-6C (Gen2) &
ISO 18000-6B
x Dynamic RF output power: +18 dBm to +30 dBm
(1W) range
x Two antenna ports for added flexibility
x Power saving modes to extend battery life
x Supports Gen2 Dense Reader Environment
x WJC200 Gen2 reader chipset based design
x Printers
x Item-level RFID
x Mobile & handheld devices
x Fixed readers
WJ Communication’s WJM3000 UHF RFID
module is designed to enable OEMs, System
Integrators and VARs to offer RFID UHF Gen2
capability into new and existing short and long
range applications such as printers, Mobile
handheld and fixed readers. By leveraging WJ’s
WJC200 Gen2 chipset, the WJM3000 enables
cost effective, compact RFID-enabled devices.
The WJM3000 extends industry leading features
including Gen2 dense reader environment
(DRE) . The WJM3000 reader module’s simple
but powerful command set allows for fast crea-
tion of custom applications via an open-source
DLL and API.
The WJM3000 can be set to transmit a range
of output powers, providing increased flexibil-
ity to enable optimal for different near and far
field applications. The module operates over
the North American UHF frequency band
(902-928 MHz) and includes the RF, digital
circuitry and embedded firmware required for
ISO18000- 6C (UHF Gen2) and ISO 18000-
6B international standards. 3.3V CMOS level
serial communications and 4 GPIO lines are
available on a 15-pin connector. Mounting
holes provide fast and easy mechanical inte-
gration. WJ’s free demo software offers quick
evaluation of the module without software de-
WJ Communications
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