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دیتاشیت - National Semiconductor - (NM95HS01 / NM95HS02) HiSeC-TM High Security Rolling Code Generator

شماره قطعه NM95HS02
شرح مفصل (NM95HS01 / NM95HS02) HiSeC-TM High Security Rolling Code Generator
تولید کننده National Semiconductor 
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NM95HS02 شرح
February 1996
NM95HS01 NM95HS02
HiSeCTM High Security Rolling Code Generator
General Description
The NM95HS01 02 HiSeC Rolling Code Generator is a
small footprint monolithic CMOS device designed to pro-
vide a complete low-cost high security solution to the prob-
lem of generating encrypted signals for remote keyless en-
try (RKE) applications
The NM95HS01 02 generates a fully encoded bit stream
each time one of (up to) 4 switch inputs is activated The
patented coding scheme utilizes 248 possible user-pro-
grammable coding combinations and features high linear
complexity and correlation immunity High security is guar-
anteed by generating a unique (rolling) code for each trans-
mission and can be further enhanced by creating custom-
ized algorithms for individual customers With this product
each key can be designed to be both unique and highly
Y High security coding scheme with 248 combinations
Y High linear complexity and correlation immunity
Y 2 2V to 6 5V operation
Y Less than 1 mA standby current
Y Full resynchronization capability
Y Unique customized algorithm option
Y 13 bytes on-chip non-volatile configuration memory
Y RC or XTAL clock options for to 4 1 MHz operation
Y Supports both IR and RF signal transmission
Y Selection of bit coding and transmission frame formats
Y Space saving narrow body SO8 or SO14 packages
Y Up to 4 key switch inputs on SO14 package
The NM95HS01 02 supports either an IR or RF signal
transmitter and can be clocked with either an RC clock
(NM95HS01) or a crystal oscillator (NM95HS02) The de-
vice operates over a voltage range of 2 2V to 6 5V and
offers a low power standby mode (k1 mA) for battery appli-
cations The product is available in both 8-pin and 14-pin SO
packages with 2 or 4 key switch inputs that can be used for
customer presets such as seat positions and vehicle oper-
ating functions such as car door locking unlocking
Y Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) applications
Y Burglar alarms garage door openers
Y Individualized recognition transmission systems
Y Personalized consumer automotive applications
Relevant Documents
Y MM57HS01 datasheet
Y Designing and Programming a Complete HiSeCTM-
based RKE System
Patents Pending
Y HiSeC Remote Keyless Entry Solution Encoder Decod-
DataSheereCth4ipUS.ectoUmser’s Manual
Functional Block Diagram
Note Signals shown are internal logic signals
HiSeCTM and MICROWIRETM are trademarks of National Semiconductor Corporation
C1996 National Semiconductor Corporation TL D 12302
RRD-B30M66 Printed in U S A
TL D 12302 – 1
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NM95HS01 (NM95HS01 / NM95HS02) HiSeC-TM High Security Rolling Code Generator National Semiconductor
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NM95HS02 (NM95HS01 / NM95HS02) HiSeC-TM High Security Rolling Code Generator National Semiconductor
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