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شماره قطعه DS26S10
شرح مفصل Quad Bus Transceiver
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DS26S10 شرح
May 1999
Quad Bus Transceiver
General Description
The DS26S10 is a quad Bus Transceiver consisting of 4 high
speed bus drivers with open-collector outputs capable of
sinking 100 mA at 0.8V and 4 high speed bus receivers.
Each driver output is connected internally to the high speed
bus receiver in addition to being connected to the package
pin. The receiver has a Schottky TTL output capable of driv-
ing 10 Schottky TTL unit loads.
An active low enable gate controls the 4 drivers so that out-
puts of different device drivers can be connected together for
party-line operation.
The bus output high-drive capability in the low state allows
party-line operation with a line impedance as low as 100.
The line can be terminated at both ends, and still give con-
siderable noise margin at the receiver. The receiver typical
switching point is 2V.
The DS26S10 features advanced Schottky processing to
minimize propagation delay. The device package also has 2
ground pins to improve ground current handling and allow
close decoupling between VCC and ground at the package.
Both GND 1 and GND 2 should be tied to the ground bus ex-
ternal to the device package.
n Input to bus is inverting on DS26S10
n Quad high speed open-collector bus transceivers
n Driver outputs can sink 100 mA at 0.8V maximum
n Advanced Schottky processing
n PNP inputs to reduce input loading
Logic Diagrams
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