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شماره قطعه AD9531
شرح مفصل 3-Channel Clock Generator
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AD9531 شرح
Data Sheet
3-Channel Clock Generator, 24 Outputs
3 fully integrated PLL/VCO cores (PLL1, PLL2, and PLL3)
Jitter performance: 0.462 ps rms typical
PLL1, fractional-N mode, 12 kHz to 20 MHz bandwidth
Loss of reference and lock detection for each PLL
Pin-configurable common frequency translations
Automatic synchronization of all outputs on power-up
Manual output synchronization capability
Package available in an 88-lead LFCSP
PLL1 details
Fractional-N/integer-N modes
Optional external VCXO
Fixed delay mode for constant static phase offset
2 reference clock inputs
Input format: differential/single-ended
Frequency range: 9.5 MHz to 260 MHz
Reference switching: manual/automatic
10 ultralow jitter HSTL/CMOS outputs up to 400 MHz
PLL2 details
Integer-N mode (1 reference clock input)
Input format: differential/single-ended/crystal1
Frequency range: 9.5 MHz to 250 MHz
12 HSTL/CMOS outputs up to 400 MHz
PLL3 details
Integer-N mode (1 reference clock input)
Frequency range: 9.5 MHz to 100 MHz
Input format: differential/crystal (supports a 25 MHz to
50 MHz AT-cut quartz crystal resonator)
2 HSTL/LVDS/CMOS outputs to 400 MHz/150 MHz
Radio equipment controller clocking
Low jitter/phase noise clock generation and distribution
Clock generation and translation for SONET, 10GE, 10G FC,
and other 10 Gbps protocols
40 Gbps/100 Gbps networking line cards, including SONET,
synchronous ethernet, OTU2/3/4
Forward error correction (G.710)
High performance wireless transceivers
ATE and high performance instrumentation
Broadband infrastructures
Ethernet line cards, switches, and routers
SATA and PCI-express
The AD9531 provides a multioutput clock generator function
and three on-chip phase-locked loop (PLL) cores with SPI
programmable output frequencies and formats.
PLL1 provides two reference inputs and 10 outputs and includes
four user selectable loop configurations. The PLL has a fully
integrated loop filter requiring only a single external capacitor
(or a series RC network). PLL1 provides a wide range of output
frequencies up to 400 MHz and is capable of operating with an
external voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) and loop
filter, instead of the integrated voltage controlled oscillator
(VCO) and loop filter.
PLL2 is an integer-N PLL providing a single reference input and
12 outputs. PLL2 synthesizes output frequencies up to 400 MHz
from the REF2_x source and synchronizes the output clocks to
the input reference.
PLL3 provides a single reference input and two outputs. PLL3
synthesizes output frequencies up to 400 MHz from the REF3_x
source and synchronizes the output clocks to input reference.
The AD9531 is available in an 88-lead LFCSP and is specified
over the −40°C to +85°C operating temperature range.
Throughout this data sheet, multifunction pins, such as
LOR/M4, are referred to either by the entire pin name or by a
single function of the pin (for example, LOR, when only that
function is relevant). In other cases, the text and figures of this
data sheet contain references to a channel rather than a pin. For
example, REF_A refers to the REF_A channel rather than the
REF_AP and REF_AN pins. Likewise, OUT3_1 refers to
Channel 1 of PLL3 rather than the OUT3_1P and OUT3_1N pins.
Additionally, an abbreviated notation for a pin pair replaces an
explicit reference to a each pin (for example, REF_Ax signifies
the REF_AN and REF_AP pins.).
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